Sweet Sour Salt


Why is Asian food so yummy??

Among various cuisines around the world, Asian food is one of the tastiest. And rightly so. This is because Western cuisines tend to pair ingredients which share most of the same flavour compounds. Dishes from Asia, however, do the contrary. They avoid ingredients that contain the same flavour compounds. This means that the more flavours two ingredients share, the lesser the chances of them being paired together in Asian food.

'son-in-law eggs' - a SSS classic with a cheeky story to boot!

Sweet sour salt Chef Ivan Podres saw David Thomson on TV cooking this dish, using fried eggs. While commenting on the way the tamarind, palm sugar and fish sauce (sour, sweet, salt) combined to produce the awesome flavour of the sauce, David Thomson was a little hesitant (with a smile on his face), when asked the question "Why are they are called 'son-in-law eggs'?"