Sweet Sour Salt

'son-in-law eggs' - a SSS classic with a cheeky story to boot!

Sweet sour salt Chef Ivan Podres saw David Thomson on TV cooking this dish, using fried eggs. While commenting on the way the tamarind, palm sugar and fish sauce (sour, sweet, salt) combined to produce the awesome flavour of the sauce, David Thomson was a little hesitant (with a smile on his face), when asked the question "Why are they are called 'son-in-law eggs'?"

With a few chuckles, David chose not to answer the question on TV, but we at sweet sour salt have heard one story, and while it is a little cheeky, there is no doubting that this is one of our most popular dishes for good reason!

Sweet sour salt "son-in-law eggs" is a classic Thai dish with classic Thai flavours, modernised into an sweet sour salt classic.

When you are next in the restaurant - ask your waiter - they may just tell you exactly why they are called, "son-in-law eggs"!

Want to try them at home?  You can order online and have our son-in-law eggs - delivered to your door - yum!  Click here.